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Welcome to Your Spring Serenity Journey!


Congratulations on embarking on the Spring Serenity Challenge—a transformative adventure designed to nurture your mind, body, and spirit as you transition into the new season. Here’s how to make the most of your journey with our self-care guide and journal:

    1. Jump Into Your Serenity Guide.
    2. Craft Your Personalized Calendar.
    3. Track Your Progress.
    4. Explore Supplemental Resources.
    5. Join Serenity Supporting Events.
    6. Embrace the Journey. Enjoy the Ride.

Ready to embark on your Spring Serenity Journey? Let’s dive in and discover the magic of self-care, one mindful moment at a time.

With your Spring Serenity Guide and Journal in hand, you’re well-equipped to embark on a journey of transformation and well-being. Enjoy the adventure!

Sample Spring Serenity Challenge Calendar

It’s packed full of juicy self-care practices for wholistic wellness.

Use these and/or others not mentioned here.


20th (First Day of Spring): Start a daily meditation practice.

22nd: Practice mindful eating.

24th: Take a mindful walk.

27th: Engage in a body scan meditation.

29th: Do a breathing exercise.



1st: Create a mindfulness jar.

4th: Listen to a guided visualization.

7th: Attend a virtual yoga class.

10th: Practice progressive muscle relaxation.

13th: Mindfully listen to music.

16th: Write affirmations.

19th: Maintain a success journal.

22nd: Create a vision board.

25th: Practice positive self-talk.

28th: Read or listen to inspirational content.


1st: Reflect on past achievements.

4th: Set small, achievable goals.

7th: Engage in a creative hobby.

10th: Send a positive message to someone.

13th: Celebrate small victories.

16th: Keep a gratitude journal.

19th: Write a thank-you note.

22nd: Reflect on your day.

25th: Share a meal with someone.

28th: Donate to a cause.



1st: Volunteer your time.

4th: Practice saying thank you.

7th: Create a gratitude collage.

10th: Meditate on gratitude.

13th: Acknowledge the beauty in nature.

16th: Take a digital detox.

19th: Start a new book.

20th (Last Day of Spring): Reflect on the challenge.

Spring Serenity Challenge Self-Care Resources

Consider using these (and others). Share your known resources in the Spa Society.


Enchanted Escapes – Journeys of Reflection and Discovery

  • Martin L. Rossman M.D. (Guided Imagery)
  • Edgar Cayce
  • Abraham Hicks


Seeker’s Library – Tales of Discovery and Inspiration

  • Reverse Heart Disease Naturally by Ray A.
    Gailes, found at Amazon.com
  • Live Your Bliss by Terry Cole Whittaker
  • Vitality and Wellness OMEGA INSTITUTE by
    Stephan Rechtschaffen
  • Quick Home Workouts for Women with Bad
    Knees by Laurel Roberts, found at Amazon.com
  • www.ExhaleSpaEscapes.com/blog


Melodies of Mindfulness – Harmonies for the Spirit

  • Chris -n- Teeb
  • Vargo
  • Jhene’ Aiko
  • Ledisi


Flowing with the Elements: An Adventure of Mindful Movement

  • Black Yogi Nico Marie on YouTube
  • Your Inner Yogi, Memphis, TN
  • BRWNSKN Yoga, Memphis, TN
  • Yoga with Bird on YouTube
  • Arianna Elizabeth on YouTube


Tranquil Touch- Nurturing Self, Body and Spirit

  • Care Dimensions on YouTube
  • Ann Swanson Wellness on YouTube
  • Bob & Brad on YouTube
  • Brad Yates on YouTube


Nature’s Nook- Discovering Peace in Every Corner

  • Shelby Farms Park
  • W.C. Johnson Park , Collierville
  • Wolf River Greenway
  • Big River Crossing
  • Nashoba Park, Germantown
  • Dixon Gallery and Gardens
  • Overton Park

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Share knowledge, gain insights, and celebrate your triumphs.

Earn participation points and rewards for challenge progress and completion among of things.

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