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Frequently asked questions.

What kind of resources and events can I expect to find on the app?

Our app offers a variety of resources, including yoga classes, meditation sessions, stress management workshops, wellness articles, and local events related to holistic wellness and relaxation.

How can I stay connected with other like-minded individuals through the app?

Our app includes a social networking feature where you can connect with other members of the community, share experiences, and participate in discussions on topics related to stress management, relaxation, and wholistic wellness.

Are there any subscription fees or hidden costs associated with using the app?

No, our app is currently completely free to download and use and shall always have a free version. There are no subscription fees or hidden costs. All resources and features are currently accessible to all users at no charge.

Let’s Journey Through Self-Care Together.


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8-OKAY-RELAX | (865) 297-3529